Terms and Conditions

- Our website is the Likes, Auto-like, Followers, Views Boosting Service Provider on social media
platforms for marketing and credibility purposes.
- Every service is safe. We never ask for your Password or any personal information of your social media
- The number of the Likes, Auto-like, Followers, Views is from foreigners. In the case that it is from Thais.
It will be indicated.
- Almost every service is done automatically. After purchasing the service, the service will start within 24
- For every service, it is possible that the number of the Likes, Auto-like, Followers, Views will increase
slowly or decrease after a period of time. There will be an indication if that type of service has a
- There is always an update on social media platforms. If there is an issue with the system or we cannot
deliver the number of the Likes, Auto-like, Followers, Views to you. The system will cancel the order and
return the credit to your account immediately.
- Please check the order information every time before making a purchase. In case, there is a wrong
order, the system cannot refund the credit.
- After topping up the balance, you cannot withdraw the credit as the money in any cases. Please top up
the appropriate amount.
- The conditions and the agreements on the website can be adjusted anytime without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

- All the data is stored confidentially without disclosure or review.
- The website collects your IP Adress when logging in, purchasing the service and topping up the balance
as a reference in the case that there is an issue. Your personal data will not be used anywhere else.
- The website collects basic cookies on your browser so that you do not have to log in again if you leave
the website just for a period of time.
!!When registering, it means you accept all the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.